Transitioning to the New Human

Transitioning to the New Human means…

Old way of Being:

– anxiety
– use that to take action
– very intense
– search on Google
– download lots of information with your CONSCIOUS MIND
– look for evidence that what you want is on its way

The new Human:

– go inside
– create something new (IMAGE)
– feel as it’s already done
– trust what shows up
– have more fun
– live your best self
– use your nervous system to monitor and change your energy

That’s the Smart Human.

I hope you enjoy this video,



Here’s a bit of what you’ll Learn:

• Manifesting – where is the best place to start?
• What to do when manifesting doesn’t work.
• How to intentionally create anything you can Dream.
• The key to influence the field of intention to create lasting change.
• The secret to making changes to your nervous system through your emotions.

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