Message from Spirit

Why you may be ASKING and NOT RECEIVING.

I have 3 very profound messages for you from Spirit.

Three themes came through from this channelling include:

1) You are supported by Spirit – darkness is now starting to dissipate.

The Universe is prepared to invest in you so be ready to receive BIG TIME.

If you are getting a nudge from the Creator to start exploring natural talents or a new career opportunity, then be open to these nudges.

2) Access to greater gifts and unique abilities.

You are now getting access to unique abilities: psychic ability, state of knowing, being able to predict the future.

These “new gifts” will be different for everyone.

But now is the time to finding new ways of using your unique abilities to improve your life and ascend.

3) You no longer have to live in duality because you now have the support to create.

This means you can literally live from the level of intention to create your life – as opposed to the level of the material world.

Spirit has become more responsive to your thoughts and feelings, so the creative process has become easier for you.

Which enhances your ability to manifest and create your world.

Your ability to “create” is now literally amplified.

You can watch the full video to learn more.

Listen to my insights and this message from Spirit.

These are exciting times!


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