Using Intentions to Shift Your Life

– what is an intention?
– instructions to the 50 trillion cells in your body
– ask yourself: what are you telling them to do?

A) Surface Level Intentions:

– affirmations during the day
– reading books
– watching videos
– mind movies
– goal setting

Key Point: surface intentions are not a catalyst for change.

Then what is?

B) Deep Level Intentions:

– daydreaming
– meditating
– visualizing
– first thing in the morning

Key Point: Deep level intentions are a catalyst for change.

C) If you are not deliberately using intentions…

– the programming takes over
– what you saw and heard
– when you were 6 years or younger
– parents, teachers, etc

Here’s my 3-steps to set Deep Level Intentions…

1. Set the Intention.
2. Act on the Intention.
3. Receive.

Watch to learn more.


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