Faith Over Fear – Your Path to Ascension

How to ascend past fear and limiting circumstances in your life.

A) What happens in the body when in fear or limitation?

– heart closes
– field diminishes
– loss of power
– loss of influence
– loss of connection
– feel powerless
– feel anxiety / separation
– negative thoughts / depression
– you don’t believe you are a Co-creator

B) What happens when you ascend or expand?

– heart opens
– field expands
– communication with your 50 trillion cells improves
– heart receives and sends more signals
– feel more connected
– more energy
– joy, peace, happiness
– you know you are the Co-creator

To Ascend, You Must:

– learn to watch it
– become the observer
– don’t give it power
– the more you resist, it persists
– let it heal / be patient with yourself

Watch the video to learn more.


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