Negative Stereotypes, the Canadian Truckers Convoy and Why People Are Waking Up

Here’s a summary and update from me in today’s video…

– negative biases distort reality and what is true
– elite have been doing this for eons

– because they know how powerful you are
– they know that your bio-field is driven by information
– so they give you the information they want you to have to pursue their own agenda

But the good news…

– is that people are waking up
– they are getting higher levels of discernment
– they are awaking to their inner knowing
– they are realizing that the information they have been receiving does not feel like the truth

And because of this ….

– things get very exciting because when you shine your light
– it reveals what the darkness had been hiding from you
– the light is what reveals the truth
– And that’s what you are = light
– So if you want to know more of the truth…
– keep shining your light (to yourself and others)

I hope this serves you,


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Canadian Truckers Convoy, Negative Stereotypes, Why People Are Waking Up

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