Growing Your Business in 2022 [Unconventional Wisdom]

this is going to be an unusual email from me…

But it’s my hope that this benefits you in some way.

Our family arrived in Sedona, Arizona about 2 days ago.

And one of the things I’ve noticed about Sedona is that it’s very peaceful up here in the mountains.

– Not a sound.
– No distractions.
– Just peace and quiet.

And because of this peace…

I feel compelled to share some unconventional wisdom that I believe will help you and your business grow in 2022.

+++ Unconventional Wisdom to Grow Your Business +++

Now for most of us… when we think of growing our business, we normally think of:

A. Marketing
B. Sales
C. Finding Customers

What I’ve discovered is that if you are really good in all three of these areas, but you have a *poorly tuned* auric field to abundance, then making money and growing a profitable business becomes quite the challenge, meaning…

– You get leads that don’t convert.
– You have sales calls that don’t close.
– You find customers that are less than ideal for your business.

And therefore growing your business becomes quite difficult.


I’d go as far to say that growing your business has more to do with your ability to *tune* your auric field to Abundance than it has to do with building marketing and sales systems.

Because if your Field is *tuned* to abundance, then opportunities will flood to you like water rolls down a mountain.

Here are some ways to tune in to this abundant field:

– Maintain a state of internal peace.
– Visualize your desired outcome.
– Feel abundant.

I personally believe your chance for luck and abundance to flow to you in your business multiplies many times over, the more you practice creating these abundant states.

May more abundance flow your way,


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