The Power of Positive and Negative Thoughts On Others

Some of you are having -ve thoughts EXPECTING a positive result…


let’s see if we can get you back in alignment :-)

I also share how to attract clients, and more money without thinking about money.

It’s HOW you think about your clients and what you deliver to others that matters most.

Enjoy the video.

I hope this serves you,



  • Gregg

    Reply Reply December 3, 2021

    WOW!!! I just went through this yesterday where I had to resign from my job. I’M AT PEACE!!! The supervisor is a hurt person and projected it on me. I was going nowhere in this job. Vibration there were super toxic. I made the move to jump to another timeline. You explained it to a T. Thanks again brother. Btw, do you have any information on following the money? I can really put great use to it in my recordings as an artist. That’s what I know I’m really GREAT at. If so, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Gregg.

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