Ep #49 – Elevating the Customer Experience with Richard Weylman

Ep #49 – Elevating the Customer Experience with Richard Weylman

Orphaned at age 6 Richard Weylman overcame that difficult start in life and today he is Chariman of Weylman Consulting Group.

He is a Hall of Fame inducted keynote speaker, 3 time international best selling author and a Horatio-Alger award nominee for his philanthropy and support of orphans and widows.

* Summary of Key Points

  • you have to think about the value proposition for the customer or the client
  • service is an absolute minimum requirement as almost every company has realized they have to provide good service
  • customers want an elevated service; an elevated customer creates loyal fans and brand advocates, people talking about you, etc.
  • relationships always drive revenue; show appreciation for your customers by showing them what it means for them

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