Ep #42 – US Military and the Null Hypothesis with Tom Casey

Ep #42 – US Military and the Null Hypothesis with Tom Casey

Tom Casey is the Founder of Discussion Partner Collaborative LLC, which challenges C-Suite executives to apply a Null Hypothesis to strategic intents and initiatives.

Discussion Partners is committed to sustaining enterprise viability by leveraging Leadership Capabilities and Employee Engagement by aggressively asking the question “what if all you believe to be accurate and possible is incorrect”….the Null Hypothesis!

* Summary of Key Points

  • you want to be constantly intellectualizing the problem so that you don’t come off as arrogance
  • the book that went best selling in an hour during the pandemic: Leadership Development, the Next Curve to Flatten
  • avoid being insensitive by having the ability to manifest empathy, identify high potentials, and understand the world that you live in

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