Ep #39 – Finding Your Super Power with David Vox

Ep #39 – Finding Your Super Power with David Vox

David Vox started his career as a serial entrepreneur and an expert in marketing and business development.

He became a trusted advisor to successful entrepreneurs across the world. Forbes featured him as one of the “Entrepreneurs Rocking The World,” and Amy Porterfield featured him as a guest on her podcast “Online Marketing Made Easy.”

David’s mission is to inspire leaders to come home to themselves with authentic expression and alignment with their deepest truth to develop the highest ROI for the soul.

Summary of Key Points from our discussion:

  • how I let go of control of my $75k retainer clients to be of service in new ways
  • how to “let go” of your ego so that you can transform and let the real you breathe
  • the bigger the resistance you let go, the bigger the change and the higher the ROI for the soul

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