Ep #36 – Master Your CEO Mindset with Emi Kirschner

Ep #36 – Master Your CEO Mindset with Emi Kirschner

Emi Kirschner is an Investor, serial entrepreneur, coach and international speaker, masterfully combining her intuitive abilities with her analytical sense to help driven, creative entrepreneurs who feel like they are still wearing all of the hats in their business become Visionary CEOs who are able to make incredible impact in their industry while doubling revenue.

Emi is also the host of the Tribe of Leaders Podcast.

Summary of Key Insights:

  • do it yourself phase hinders your own personal and business growth, and ability to impact others
  • Spark 5-Part Mini-Course to creating exponential leaps on business growth
  • how to identify the transformation that you provide to create irresistible offerings

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