Ep #30 – Philosophy, Evolution & Mystics with Steven Gans

Ep #30 – Philosophy, Evolution & Mystics with Steven Gans

Dr. Steve is a business philosopher, executive coach, psychotherapist, and entrepreneur. He founded the UK branch of the Institute for Management Studies and ran it for 15 years as the number one most successful group in the company.

Currently, he works as a funding consultant and as a counsellor in public mental health. His DNA is to bring out the best in others. He is co -author of Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy and author of Flourishing: A thinking Person’s Guide to Happiness

* Summary of Key Points

  • backstory on learning from R.D. Lang; fully charged mind that got you boosted (the Divided Self)
  • co-elevating relationships and cooperation raises all ships
  • how to create a relationships where you are truly heard, more humane and compassionate

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