Ep #22 – Overcoming Setbacks and Addiction with Dr. Ed Womack

Ep #22 – Overcoming Setbacks and Addiction with Dr. Ed Womack

Dr. Ed Womack the “Urban Leadership Strategist,” international trainer, consultant, author, radio and TV personality currently resides in Woodstock, Georgia.

He was raised on the West Side of Detroit, Michigan. He is a recovering addict with over ten years of sobriety. In 2005, Ed began the journey to overcome being the victim of childhood sexual molestation, numerous bouts of depression and substance abuse.

In 2007 Dr. Ed Womack graduated from the Trinity House Men’s Homeless and Substance Abuse Program and has not looked back since. Womack is living proof that the peaks and valleys of life can be overcome, with the right information and commitment to self-awareness and dedication to the service of others.

Summary of Insights from Our Interview:

  • don’t carry garbage from your past if you want to create a new future
  • ask for help and support when you need it and you may be surprised what finds you
  • Rebound Methodology: overcome the wreckage of your past and don’t allow it put you back in a tail spin

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