Ep #17 – Marketing Persuasion with Behavioural Psychologist Michael Barbera

Ep #17 – Marketing Persuasion with Behavioural Psychologist Michael Barbera

Dr. Michael Barbera, chief behavioral officer at Clicksuasion Labs, is an award-winning consumer psychologist and business strategist.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies, and have appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Michael’s business psychology practice includes consumer behavior, emotions, and experiences, as well as social psychology, decision-making, behavioral economics, and behavioral finance. He shares his evidence-based insights on the Clicksuasion podcast and as a dynamic TEDx presenter.

Michael is a celebrated keynote speaker, and has addressed more than 200,000 people on four continents, earning more than 350,000 views online.

* Summary of Key Points during our interview:

  • perceptions and scents can drive the amount sold per transaction with case studies demonstrating this
  • how Burger King uses, “the nose is telling your mind it’s time to eat” concept to drive revenues
  • the power of intent to change buying behaviour and other unique ways to build consumer trust

Learn more about Michael and his business Clicksuasion Labs here:


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