Ep #8: The World Needs You with Dave Anderson

Ep #8: The World Needs You with Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson is a multi-time bestselling author, business coach and motivational speaker.

Through his company, The Business Bully, LLC, he has helped hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses reach their full potential by making smart, calculated decisions that lead to massive profits and growth.

As a speaker, Dave has empowered over 1 million people from the stage.

His aggressive, unorthodox and in-your-face style has earned him the nickname “The Business Bully.”

* Summary of Key Points during our interview:

  • if you’re in panic, then you’re paused
  • don’t find the silver lining, find the pot of gold: where is the opportunity?
  • we become prisoners of other peoples expectations
  • your parents, your peers, can only see so far
  • if you see something beyond what they see…
  • be patient, it’s not going to happen overnight: the industry needs you – the world needs you

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