How to Message 192 Targeted Prospects Daily on LinkedIn

We can now send 192 targeted group messages DAILY to potential buyers on LinkedIn.

That’s 3,072 messages every single month, which is 50X more than LinkedIn’s Premium limit

As a client, this means you get…

– Increased exposure
– Targeted traffic & leads
– Significantly more conversations
– Hand picking your clients
– Abundantly scaling your business
– Never running out of opportunities

On this recorded FB Live I’m going to show you how our process works.

– No messaging 1st degree connections.
– No bots and risk getting your account shutdown.
– No messaging InMail limits.


ps. We now have the ability to send targeted group messages by:

> Location
> Relationship
> Industry
> Seniority Level

And do it at scale so you never run out of opportunities.

pss. Have questions that you want me to answer from this recorded FB Live?

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