How to Sign Clients in Your 1st Degree LinkedIn Network

here’s a recording of a free training I ran on how to sign clients with your 1st Degree Network.


It’s not that hard to do, but many of you are messing it up!

How do I know?

Because I am getting your LinkedIn messages.. lol

They aren’t very good :)

I’m certain with the right strategy a good number of you have $27k sitting right there in your 1st Degree Network.

1, 2, even 3 clients just waiting to buy from you.

Yes, you.

It’s not even that hard for me to do.

The problem is that you’re doing it!


And it’s not even WHAT you’re doing.

It’s HOW you’re doing it.

It’s like drawing bees to honey…

If you don’t have honey, the bees will fly away… LOL

So the real problem that I am going to help you solve on this training is…

How do we turn what you have into real HONEY !

Watch the recording and leave a comment below if you found it helpful :-)



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