Squeeze Page Design in 3-Simple Steps

Squeeze Page Designsqueeze page design

3 parts:

✅ 1. the Offer – what’s for download?

what am I getting?
cheat sheet?
something else?

✅ 2. the Headline – what’s the big promise?

what is the result I can expect if I continue to use the free thing?
what does the free thing do for me when I use it?
how does the free thing help me get what I want?

✅ 3. the Button – what is the clear call-to-action to get the free thing?

download now?
get your ebook now?
send me the templates now?

Simple as 1, 2 & 3.

👉 Now it’s your turn.

If you have a free thing where people can opt-in, COPY & PASTE yours below.

If you DO NOT…

Use my template above and tell me, what is…

✅ your free thing
✅ your headline for your free thing
✅ your call-to-action

And then…

👇 let me know in the comments below 👇


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