the key to writing high conversion sales letters…

the KEY to writing high conversion sales letters…

is NOT the headline.
is NOT the value proposition.
is NOT even the # of sales it brings in…

What is it?

it’s the SPEED at which you are able to adapt, refine and improve your offering

So that you can get conversions faster.

I just started using a tool called Mouse Flow

Which captures “heat maps” , “clicks” and “cursor movements” on your sales letters or Offers from site visitors real-time

I just set this up yesterday for the first time…

So that I could make changes on the “fly” to refine and improve my offer to maximize conversions…


I can literally see if someone is reading my testimonials…. and I can even see which ones they are reading!!

This blew my mind

I sent an email to my list for a new course offering…

Setup the Mouse Flow app to record…

Screen recordings.
Mouse movement.
Heat maps.

And while I was watching people’s cursors…. I realized I could make some changes to my Offer!

So I did make those changes…. and had someone convert in real-time!

This app is dope

Simply brilliant

I highly recommend Mouse Flow for anyone who wants to get more appts from their sales letters or Offers online (which is pretty much everyone… lol).

technology gives the ordinary marketer = speed.

Watch the video to learn more.


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