How to Attract More of Your Perfect Buyers

10 Things I Admire About my Clients

1. Have a lot of energy
2. Generous
3. 100% Responsible
4 Playing to win
5. Hungry to Learn
6. Place high value on their time
7. Implement Fast
8. Mission / Impact Driven
9. Fun to be with
10. Love to travel / explore

Want to know how to attract more of your Perfect Buyers?

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  • Jim Ullery

    Reply Reply May 16, 2019

    1- They are innovative and stay ahead of the curve on growth and development.
    2- I admire the strong educational support of their employees and clients.
    3- Social concerns are important to them.
    4- Committed to quality.
    5- DWTSTWD – The Grandmother rules – Do What They Say They, Will, Do.
    6- They empower their people.
    7- They love to travel.
    8- They are fun to be with.
    9- Call on one another beyond the work. Become friends and associates.
    10- Provide introductions to other potential clients.

    • Steve

      Reply Reply May 18, 2019

      @Jim – love the list… I can see that you’re an action-taker, which is one of my favorite qualities in a client :-)

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