How to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn and Get in Front of More Clients

If you’re building your network on LinkedIn, and you don’t know what to do with people once they connect with you or…

You’re publishing videos and content on LinkedIn, and it’s NOT turning into new business and sales…

Then it can be really frustrating because it can take a lot of time to build your network and create content.

here are two tips to get the most out of LinkedIn:

Big Idea #1: Think of LinkedIn as a means to connect directly with your clients, customers, and the people who want to BUY FROM YOU so that there is nobody impeding the flow of NEW business to you.

That way you’re in direct communication with your Perfect Buyer.

Once you’re connected with your perfect buyer, send them a compelling message that speaks to your ideal client.

That way they will want to click your link, watch your video, and consume your content.

This initial “click” to your content confirms you have the right “interest group” … meaning they are highly targeted, active people on LinkedIn who WANT what you HAVE.

This is very good news.

Big Idea #2: place your content strategically so that it takes people from COLD, to WARM… to HOT, without adding red-tape, and without adding “friction” to your process for acquiring clients and customers.

If your clients are burning too many calories to figure out what you do, and how you can help, they will tune you out, and you will lose them

When connecting with people on LinkedIn, don’t ask them to opt-in to your list, and don’t ask them to fill in a form.

You just met them, so GIVE your content away for free.


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  • John D Wright

    Reply Reply December 2, 2018

    Hello Steve,

    Just wanted to drop a line to say that I & several of my colleagues here in Denver, Colorado were hooked to your articles/videos on Law of Attraction/Mind Power.

    Hoping sometime in the near future you will restart posting articles/videos once again about Law of Attraction.



  • Steve

    Reply Reply December 2, 2018

    hey John – thanks for your comments and feedback :) I am definitely going to start to post more on that topic.

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