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Quantum Success: 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful and Prosperous Relationship with Work and Money by New York Times Bestselling Author, Transformational Leader & Celebrity Coach Christy Whitman

Your relationship with work and money is a living, breathing, evolving manifestation that has the capacity to contract, wither and die – or to grow, blossom, expand and thrive – in response to the attention you offer it. In the same way that a child, a lover, a pet or even a houseplant is responsive to your loving words and gestures, this aspect of your life responds to and reflects back to you the quality of energy that you consistently direct toward it. This new book will guide you through each stage of the becoming of your most ideal career expression – from the first earliest conception of the vision that takes place in the inner world of your imagination and emotion, to its full manifestation in the external world of form and phenomenon.

Whether your vision of career success is one of starting your own business, rising to a desired position within the company you currently work for, or landing your very first job, the energy of the success and abundance you seek is already encoded within you, as your heart’s desire – and you are no stranger to this energy. You’ve glimpsed it, felt it, and recognized it many times throughout your life: You’ve seen it demonstrated in the movements of the professional athletes who thrill you; you’ve felt it through the words of the leaders and luminaries who inspire you, and you’ve seen this same potential in yourself – in those moments when all of your love, all of your intention, and all of your energy were focused toward the accomplishment of something that really mattered to you.

Growing your career into a perfect manifestation of everything you desire it to be is simply a process of bringing all aspects of yourself into resonance with the energy of what you want to create. You do this by first identifying the emotional, vibrational essence of who you want to be and how you want to feel in the arena of your creative expression, and then by bringing the sum total of your personal vibration – which is to say, your thoughts, feelings, moods and emotions – into energetic harmony with that vision. Said another way, in order to create outrageous abundance in your career, you first have to become a vibrational match to the energy of abundance. If the energy you offer in relation to your career is one of anxiety or frustration, you will unwittingly block yourself from receiving the abundance that you seek.

In this book, Christy shows you how to purposefully adjust your energy so that the vibration you are most frequently sending out is consistent with the success you desire. When that shift occurs, you will no longer find yourself striving for success. Success, in all its forms, will pursue you.

Official Release Date: September 25, 2018
Official Launch Week: *September 24-30, 2018

*You can promote as early as September 1st and through the end of December 31, 2018, or even later.

How to Make Money Sharing this Book

The funnel starts at where Christy offers a free copy of the book ($26.00 Retail Price) and you pay a small shipping fee ($7.95 US, $14.95 International).

Then Christy offers the opportunity to upgrade to get the Quantum Success book plus a special bundle of products for only $37 more. The bundle includes the Quantum Success book and workbook, Perfect Pictures ebook, The Art of Having It All ebook and Divine Manifesting System (valued at $249.90.)

Then Christy offers another program regularly sold at $197 for a reduced price of $37 – 30 Days of Quantum Success Meditations with Theme: Expanding Your Potential. These are video and audio recordings of 30 daily meditations, approximately 20 minutes each, designed to help them envision and allow for their highest potential and manifest their idea of success.

And, finally Christy gives a one-time offer for the new Exponential Success program that will build on the principles they learn in the Quantum Success book. It’s a 7-week online course taught by Christy to help them get clear on what they want and help them achieve it. The price is $197 and Christy pays 40% commissions.

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