The Reason Why It’s Taking So Long to Reach Your Goals

If you’re excited by the idea of setting your own hours and working from pretty much anywhere in the world, but do little or even nothing to put what you have learned into action…

Then it’s because of your unconscious “RESISTANCE”

Here are some ways this resistance shows up:

  • Taking a program or class, learning wonderful things, and then never implementing them
  • Wanting to make changes but never making them, or starting out strong, then stopping
  • Getting overwhelmed and confused when tackling long-term projects, then letting things slide
  • Know what to do to, but you’re just not doing it

If ANY of these sound familiar, then you’ve got resistance in an area of your life where you want change.

If you didn’t have any resistance, then you would have already achieved what you had set out to do.

It would be effortless. Plain and simple.

But if you’re slogging ahead and still not getting results, it’s because you’ve got unconscious resistance.

If you want to overcome this resistance and have a “breakthrough” so that you make changes that stick, you must have these 3 things in place:

#1. Personal Coach:

Now you and I both know that a personal coach can be pretty expensive.

I personally charge $2,500 – $3,500 per month for 1-on-1 coaching and consulting so even if you do find a coach you like and would be perfect for you, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

#2. Accountability:

If you don’t hire a coach, then the next best thing would be to setup an accountability system with a “buddy”

The big problem with a buddy system is that meeting once a week is not enough to keep your goals top of mind so that you’re consistently taking daily action.

Procrastination (aka “resistance”) kicks in on the days when you don’t speak with your buddy and slows everything down.  Not ideal.

#3. Small Community: 

You can join small groups on Facebook that are great places to connect with your peers.

But here’s the downside…

If you post a question in one of these groups, your post will get buried in the feed by other more active users.

Making it really difficult for your coach or peers to find you and help you get the support you need.

It could be days or even weeks before someone responds to you leaving you to slip into the online abyss never to be seen again…

So what do you do?

You’re not alone. You can learn more here: Marketing Club

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