The Coach Marketing Podcast – The Secret Formula Part I

This is the first episode of the Coach Marketing Podcast. My co-host Luke Charlton (from Canberra, Australia) and I created this podcast to help anyone who wants to build a coaching business. In this first episode, we review the most important first step to creating your coaching business. We also cover the following:

[3:51] Marketing advice you get from becoming certified as a coach
[4:39] How to add a full time income with coaching working part-time
[6:16] When Steve first raised his coaching fees
[10:38] The Secret Formula by Russel Brunson
[12:39] Why signing clients just for the MONEY can drain you
[14:20] 3 things that Happen Simultaneously when you Choose a Successful Coaching Niche
[17:31] How to find clients with MONEY

Download the MP3 here.

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