Appreciation 101

It’s amazing! I can’t believe what a lift I get from the simple things in life. I went into a McDonalds this morning and bought a cup of coffee for $0.21. Holy cow!  That’s like 1950’s pricing… what a treat!!

I guess McDonalds has some promotion on coffee this week. I love the simple pleasures in life :)

It’s great when I notice opportunities like this because it gives me a strong foot hold in the appreciation vibe.  Then it’s much easier to shift to an even better feeling thought.

When this happens, I typically expand on that feeling.  I expand it by starting to think of other great things that are happening to me right now; and as I do this, I start to feel even better.  The key is to ride that feeling as long as you can.

I share a recipe to shift the way you feel in: Stay Focused on What Makes You Feel Good

I love the appreciation vibe because the more I expand on this feeling, the easier I can slip into the abundance vibe – a real powerful vibration for attracting money, opportunities and all the “luck” you can handle.

The reason this works so well is because appreciation and abundance are close vibrational-cousins.  The distance between the two is really small.

If you put your attention on appreciation, then you can easily shift into abundance.  But you can’t skip a step or take a short cut.

Appreciation Mistakes to Avoid

How does it work?  How do you get there?

By appreciating what you already have.   I think the mistake most people make is that they aren’t willing to do what it takes to get into the appreciation vibe.  They aren’t willing to write an “Awesome Things Happening to Me” list by hand.

They aren’t willing to take 5 minutes every day to write this list and make it a habit.  They don’t have the discipline to follow through and make it stick.

The second mistake is that some people tend to make lists of things they would appreciate if they did have them.

Please re-read that.

The appreciation vibe starts by appreciating what you have – not what you don’t have.  If you start by putting your attention on what you don’t have,  that can lead to feelings of resentment, loss and scarcity.  That’s NOT where you want to go with this.

You want to start by appreciating what you have; then as you start to feel good about what you have, move on to the things you would like to have…

  • If you want a brand new car, appreciate the heck out of the one you already have!
  • If you want a brand new home, appreciate the heck out of the one you’re living in right now!
  • If you want a better paying job, appreciate the heck out of the one you’re working in right now!
  • If you want more clients, appreciate the heck out of the one’s you’re working with now!
  • If you want more business, appreciate the heck out of the business you have now!

Start by appreciating what you have and shift from there.

Appreciation is such a good vibe to get into because it makes you feel so good! And the better you feel, the easier you can shift into the abundance vibe.  And the more abundant you feel, the richer life gets.

You can learn more about the abundance vibe here: Living From Abundance

Steve, I’m loving it!

P.S. My re-action is what creates my experience.  And that reaction comes through my perception. I guarantee there is someone in McDonalds right this very moment cursing and reacting at how they had to wait an extra 2 minutes for their $0.21 coffee.  Now why would someone do that?  Because they are an ass.  Don’t be an ass.  Focus on what’s working for you and what you do have.  Shift from there.


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