How to Get Gooder (5 Steps)

Getting gooder is much easier than getting better.  Getting better takes time, persisentence and a dedication to personal growth.  It’s a long term commitment.  But getting gooder, that’s a whole new game.  And it’s a game worth playing because it leads to improvement.  It starts the personal growth cycle.  In this article I’ll share with you how you can get gooder (so that you feel better).

When you look at getting better at something (playing a sport, dating, your career, making money), it is implied that you are already not that good – and that you even suck.  That you are broken goods.

That can be a real hit to your ego.  It can drown your self esteem.  It can lead to hopelessness and in-action because you don’t feel worthy of moving forward. 

While this might be true, you can ALWAYS get better if you start by getting gooder FIRST. 

Keep reading and I’ll show you how this works.

Getting Gooder

I want to let you in on a little secret… are you ready?

You are perfect the way you are.

That’s right! You’re perfect.

******Applause Please******

Yes, you are indeed perfect.  What this means is that everything that is happening in your life – right now – is absolutely perfect.  And the reason it is absolutely perfect is because you are the creator of all of it. 

Did you get that?

You are the creator of ALL OF IT.

Acceptance of this very truth is an important step to getting gooder. 

Getting gooder means you’re already good.  There is no bad, only good.  There is no fixing because you’re already fixed.   Your perfect. You’re good. 

Ain’t that cool?

5 Key Steps to Getting Gooder

Step 1:  Grab a piece of paper and a pen

Step 2:  Go back to step one and grab the tools you need for this step.  I know what you’re doing… you think you’re going to read through this entire article before you start, right?  Wrong!  That’s a sign you’re trying to get better.  Stop doing that.  This exercise is not about getting better.  It’s about getting gooder – so make sure you follow the steps, ok?

Step 2B:  Start creating a list of five things you feel good about starting with the word: GOOD.  Here’s the caveat: they must be about you.  Good things about you.  Here’s an example to get you started:

  • GOOD looking guy
  • GOOD personal growth blog
  • GOOD sense of style
  • GOOD sense of intuition
  • GOOD sense of direction

You only need to come up with five!  That’s it! 

BUT, you must feel good about what you write down.  That means you need to THINK!  

Ask yourself: “What is good about me?”  … then write it down.

Anyone can do this! 

Onto the next step…

Step 3:  Once you get five items you feel good about – starting with the word GOOD – keep reading this list to yourself.  DWELL ON IT and THINK about it. As you start thinking about it, you’re going to start feeling good.  This is how the Law of Attraction works.  Energy flows where attention goes. 

Step 4:  Take what you’ve started and EXPAND your list.   Expand your list to 25 items you can feel good about.  Now that you’re feeling good, your ready for the last step..{don’t skip any steps} …this one is really juicy!

Step 5:  Take ONE ACTION that will move you towards your goals.  Do it today.  

That’s it!  You’re done.  How do you feel?

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