Update: Killing Procrastination

I just finished cleaning the whole house because my wife is out with the girls.

This afternoon my wife told me to leave everything a mess until she got home – but I couldn’t help it – I just wanted everything to be clean….

Which is sort of weird because because I never really liked cleaning.

I haven’t been able to keep the house a mess since I used that special *technique* that I talk about in my Motivation Book. (Hint: it uses NLP)

And here’s the most alarming part; I used that technique almost 4 months ago and I still feel motivated to clean the house.

My wife has even started calling me the “cleaning lady” because everything around the house is so spotless.

Now she wants to know how I did it.

It’s almost too powerful. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared my book with so many people.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This sort of stuff changes lives. Download my Motivation Book


P.S. You know what it’s like to procrastinate; it’s never the right time to do anything. But what if you could turn a switch and get going in less than 7 minutes?  Click here to Download my Motivation Book

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