Do You Believe What You See or Do You See What You Believe?

I feel like Alice in Wonderland sometimes. The reason I say that is because I don’t always believe what I see – but I do see what I believe. A bit confusing at first, but realize that your beliefs always precede your reality. You can only see and experience what you believe.

If you don’t see it, then it’s what I call a blind spot (also known as a scotoma). We normally get blind spots:

  • from limiting beliefs that don’t support us on the journey towards our goals
  • in our ability to see character traits in ourselves that others see as obvious
  • in our ability to perceive solutions to a problem when we’re in an unresourceful or negative state
If you don’t think you have any blind spots, then make sure to watch this video clip. It really sends the message home. Once you watch the video be sure to leave your thoughts below.


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  • Ande

    Reply Reply March 30, 2010

    Great illustration of how our brain filters what we see and attaches meaning and context to it. Obviously, if we can begin to train ourselves to find evidence that supports the story we want to live in our lives, we’ll start seeing it because our brains will filter our surroundings and bring us the proof we need. I just did a post on my blog about how our narrative, our personal story, affects what we look for and what we find in our lives. This video is powerful evidence of this.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply March 30, 2010

    Hey Ande,

    Love that story you just posted on your blog about a reader receiving checks just by changing his internal story. We can all learn from this.

  • I remeber concave in my photography days. we see what we want to see or what our brain want’s us to see. There is a old saying The camera never lies.

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