White Water Rafting & National Life Appreciation Day

A bunch of friends and I went white water rafting on the Ottawa river on August 15, 2009. We took a huge tumble, which left a group of scattered lemmings with yellow hats struggling to reach shore (see the video below).

The rapids were so severe that our guide said, “this was the biggest ride on the Ottawa River he’s had in the past 17 years.”

My friend Hani at easyonlinevideotips.com said this was his first near death experience. Here’s a log of his thought processes as we spun out of control:

“First Thought: Don’t panic, you’re wearing a life jacket and you’ll eventually float to the surface. So I started kicking to propel myself to the surface. I looked up and it was dark.

Second Thought: What if I’m under the raft, what do I do then? I stretched my hand up to try and feel for the raft, but all I felt was water.

Third Thought: I really need some help! So I started waving my hands to try to flag someone for help (underwater).

Fourth Thought: Wait a second, I’m underwater and nobody is going to see me. I really hope I am close to the surface by now or else I’m going to run out of air. I stretched again and still nothing but water.

Fifth Thought: I’m starting to inhale some water and if I don’t get any air now I’m seriously NOT going to make it! Just as I was about to give up, I shot to the surface, and took in some air.

Sixth Thought: Oh crap its not over yet.  I have to swim across the current to make it to shore or else I will get sucked into another Rapid! I’m sooo exhausted. Luckily, the rescue boats were right there to pick me up and take me to shore.

Nobody was seriously hurt on this trip.  August 15th is now officially referred to as “Life Appreciation Day”!

Life is short…follow your dreams!”

Visit Hani @ www.easyonlinevideotips.com

We were all pretty happy to come out in one piece.  When you watch the video, just keep in mind that Hani wasn’t in that group of yellow bobbing hats.  Here’s the video:

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