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Over the weekend, Leo Babauta was grateful to have included a guest post from me on his website:  Leo’s site is focused mainly on productivity.  He must be a busy guy because his site has over 90,000+ RSS Feed Subscribers.  You can read the original guest article I submitted to Leo here:  How to Create the Abundance Mindset.

What’s Unique About

Leo has allowed a non-copyright on all of the articles written on his website.  This is unique because not all bloggers “lift” their copyright for blog articles.

Leo is a living example of the abundance mindset; he has a giving mindset because he not only publishes great content for free, but he also gives it away for others to publish.

Since my article was published on his site as a guest author, I’ve given up my copyright too.  And as a result of this, I’ve seen at least a half dozen other bloggers publish my article on their blogs.  The amazing thing with all of this is that each guest article links back to Freedom Education, and therefore I still receive credit for the work.

I’m really amazed at the viral effect of such a simple strategy.  It might be worth contemplating if you want to build more traffic to your website or blog.  Just my thoughts.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the guest article @ How to Create the Abundance Mindset.

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