Quantum Physics Secrets?

This video is mind-boggling.  It shares the results of a famous physics experiment and the connection between mind power and quantum physics. It’s the first time that I’ve been able to scientifically confirm what Wallace Wattles and other mind power experts have taught for thousands of years. I had to watch it three times before I really started to understand the relationship between mind power and quantum physics.

After you watch the video, see my own insights below.

Quantum Physics and the Double Slit Experiment

The basic premise is that all matter is composed of particles.  Quantum physics is based on the principle that matter can behave as particles or waves.  The double slit experiment proves that particles of matter can behave as particles or as waves; but not as waves and particles at the same time.

What makes this experiment really exciting is the findings at the end of the video. This is where it gets really interesting.

The physicists in the double-slit experiment have confirmed that our observation of particles changes their behaviour.  Particles act differently when observed as opposed to when they’re not observed.

Quantum Physics and The Observer

You could say that the particles behavior is dependent on our observation of its’ presence.  You could also say that the particle knows it’s being watched and because of this, it acts differently.

“When observed the electron decided to act differently.  It was as if it was aware that it was being watched.” ~ Dr. Quantum, Video

This leads to some huge ideas.

The Quantum Physics Reality

You see all matter is composed of these tiny electrons or particles.  These particles are everywhere – they are the building blocks of all matter.  They are the foundation to your physical body, the house you live in, the cars you drive and the money in your bank account.

Our entire reality is filled with these tiny particles.  And these particles respond to the way we observe them.  We literally influence the cosmic waves of matter simply by observing. Or in other words, our observation of reality is what creates our reality.  This idea has some huge implications and it begs the old question:

“If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

According the conclusions of the double-slit experiment, it does not.  The tree can only make a sound if it is observed.  If you don’t pay attention to it, it did not happen.

Quantum Physics and Mind Power

You see observation is….

“the act of watching or the state of being watched”  (Ref: thefreedictionary.com)

Our observation is where we place our attention.  Based on the conclusions of the double slit experiment it’s clear that our attention influences the behavior of very tiny particles. And since all matter is made of these tiny particles we could also say that the behavior of matter is influenced by our observation.

In simpler terms, your attention is what holds your world together.  Your attention is what creates your physical reality. This is just as Wattles concluded over a hundred years ago:

“As it thinks of a form, it takes that form; as it thinks of a motion, it makes that motion.” ~ Wallace D. Wattles

This means that everything you observe has originated from thought; intentionally or unintentionally; consciously or unconsciously.  That’s why it is so important to become aware of what you’re thinking; and to only think what you want to think.

Your thought is at the source of your current reality. If you’re not happy with your current results, then start to create new thoughts.  Even 5 minutes a day can make a make difference.

Create a new picture, a new image of reality so that the quantum world can do it’s magic.


  • Jernej

    Reply Reply February 7, 2009

    It’s a really amazing experiment – really helps alot to understand the whole thing.

    But I would like to say something about the: “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” thing!

    Does the tree even fall if nobody is around to see it??? ;)

    Have a nice day

    Jernej from Slovenia

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 8, 2009

    Hahahaha…. I’m laughing from recognition.

    Good point Jernej; the tree probably doesn’t even fall ;)

  • Jernej

    Reply Reply February 9, 2009

    Me again.
    Do you have or know about any books about Quantum Physics that describe the stuff similar to this video?
    I know I heard about one, but I cant remember.


  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 9, 2009

    Hi Jernej,

    I have a few books on the topic that I’m reading through, but I’m just starting them. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

    There is one book you may find interesting; it’s Stephen Hawking’s ~ The Universe In A Nutshell

  • Jernej

    Reply Reply February 9, 2009

    Yeah I heard about that one. Well i’ll put it on my TO-READ list. And if any of the ones your are reading is any good, be sure to write about it.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 9, 2009

    Will do :)

  • Nick

    Reply Reply February 21, 2009

    I knew I’d be angered when I clicked on this..call it a self-fulfilled prophecy, also my “truth” hasn’t gotten me anywhere to speak of, so if it works it works…

    …but the TRUTH is that the dual slit experiment describes a very real phenomenon which has it to be fully understood. I find it really disheartening that so many folks can take it at face-value and carry on thinking “Oh! IF my observations can influence an electron then obviously they can influence a body of electrons,” and so on…

    Regrettably, this would be the undoing of reality as you know it…my motivation to tech science is little, so I’ll spare you the details of why “the Secret” is a vein attempt to capitalize on something people don’t understand, but the cold hard truth is that you have a large influence on YOUR PERCEPTION of reality, not reality itself.

    Don’t be discouraged, you can certainly change your life by thinking differently, naturally your perception of things is the only relationship you have with reality, so the influence you have on the whereabouts of electrons is profound…But when people run off claiming the dual slit experiment concludes we’re all telekinetic(not that we necessarily aren’t, but..) it makes a science indian cry.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 21, 2009

    Hi Nick – I appreciate you and your opinion.

    This was one of the points you made that really struck a cord with me:

    “…but the cold hard truth is that you have a large influence on YOUR PERCEPTION of reality, not reality itself.”

    I couldn’t agree more with your first point, our perception is under our own control. At the same time it also made me think, if I don’t control reality then who does? Are we all left to our own fate?

  • Hugo

    Reply Reply March 11, 2009

    This concerns me. The interpretation of quantum mechanics being described here is drastically simplified from the modern syntheses in current literature. As a result of this, the philosophically relevant minutiae that could actually inform our approaches to exploring quantum effects on ‘reality’ gets totally drowned out by simpleminded talk about ‘observation’ ‘the observer’ and ‘measurement’. The take home message becomes one of ‘you can control your personal circumstances by “observation”‘ which is grossly wrong from a quantum point of view. There are a multitude of reasons why this interpretation is wrong, but I’ll stick to just a few.

    The first, and perhaps most straightforward refutation is apparent in the video itself. during the final experiment on the video, when an observer is added, there is no mention about which slit the observer watched nor of which slit the electron went through. And why not? Because the answer is trivial! It will go through one or the other with no statistical bias! The causal relation between the observer and the electron (if there is one) is rarefied to say the least – the observer can only ensure that the electron will go through one and only one of the slits (thereby conserving the law of non-contradiction, or excluded middle, or maybe both… It’s been a long time since my last logic class). The observer has exactly ZERO influence on WHICH slit the electrons goes through. If we are to take the idea of ‘observation influencing physical outcome’ seriously, we must posit a way in which the observer can PREFERENTIALLY cause the electron (or the Ferrari, or the trophy wife…) to pass through one slit and not the other. And this, of course, is nothing short of magic, or telekinesis. I would hope that this is enough to convince anyone that this interpretation is doomed, but I’ll delve a little deeper.

    The second reply to this interpretation is that we are mistaken on what it means to ‘observe’ something. Our intuitions tell us that observation in the ‘normal’ world in which we live are relatively benign things, e.g. in order to observe a car all we must do is stand on the sidewalk of a busy street (with enough daylight) and cast our gaze upon the car. Most importantly here is that our gazing upon the car has absolutely not effect upon any property of that car (it is not slowed, dented, turned a different color…). Our observation is intrinsically passive. Or so we think – when we examine what is really going on the picture changes somewhat. Billions of trillions of photons are bombarding the atoms of the car, and then travel (some of them) to our eye, or, if we don’t want to stand on the street, we can set up a camera, so the photons hit the camera’s sensor, all the while giving us information about the car. Now imagine this at the quantum level. The observer isn’t simply ‘seeing’ the electron. In order to do so the observer must flood the chamber with photons so that some of the photons might hit the electron and bounce back. By doing so we’ve fundamentally changed the conditions of the experiment and caused the superposition of the electron to ‘decohere’ (a concept I have neither the expertise, will or time to discuss). Here’s the kicker, the whole process is independent of any human since the signal of the photons need only be measured and stored on a camcorder, no human in the chain of ‘observation’ at all. So its not the person who is causing the electron to pick a slit, it is the environment the person constructed in order to ‘observe’ the electron. A person can look and look at one slit or another for as long as they want, and if its pitch black they won’t see anything, and the electron will continue to exhibit wave-like properties. Its not the looking, its the light that lets us look that causes the decoherence.

    I hope these two reasons are enough to convince anyone that to take seriously any connection between personal observation and the changing of one’s circumstance due to quantum mechanics, is deeply flawed. The video above was meant for children, obviously, and in that it is to be commended for its clarity and accessibility, but for any serious investigation about quantum mechanics and the nature of our reality, this cartoon is fatally vague and can only serve to deceive and confuse rather than help.

    Thanks for listening

  • Giovani

    Reply Reply March 22, 2009

    Hi, Steve!

    Thanks, for showing–shall we say–a tough skin in sharing this information.

    I’m glad the refutations of the video came in, as what I’ve learned about the need to apply light to the chamber being the reason why electrons are always affected upon observation.

    Nonetheless, the matter of PERCEPTION is still a huge one! We only know what we know via our perception, which (as dreams show us) can only be trusted within a context. (I was a magician, so I know how delicate context can be!)

    I think it’ll be best when proponents of Law Of Attraction stop using the Double Slit experiment as evidence. Perception is certainly the more important point, anyway (though its lack of fancy equipment makes it less sexy). Does THE MATRIX ring a bell?

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Steve

    Reply Reply June 25, 2009

    Hi Hugo,

    Just coming back here and giving some thought to what you said,

    “So its not the person who is causing the electron to pick a slit, it is the environment the person constructed in order to ‘observe’ the electron.”

    If it’s the environment that the person constructed that influences the electron (let me know if I’ve got this right) then this also means that a person’s actions influence the experiment.

    And since,

    Thoughts > Feelings > Actions

    … we could also say that a person’s thoughts influence their actions and therefore their environment, which in turn influences the behavior of an electron.

    I simplified this, but ultimately you end up in the same place: thoughts are things.

  • sai

    Reply Reply July 15, 2010

    Thoughts become things . . . . . . 29vs

  • shaun duuning

    Reply Reply July 27, 2010

    Of coarse the tree makes a noise and iondeed falls PROVE go to a forrest and map all trees.. Then go back and you can tell which trees have fallen as they will be on the ground n if its on the ground then it had to of made a noise… just because nobody is there to witness it doesnt mean it didnt happen you dickheads and Nick your a wise man or shall i say not stupid.

  • paulina

    Reply Reply November 13, 2010

    For those interested in hard scientific facts I suggest reading the chapter on the double slit experiment in “The Feynman Lectures on Physics vol. III” (Feynman, Leighton, Sands). And please remember what Professor Feynman said that nobody really understands quantum mechanics…One can understand the maths etc. but NOT the implications. Greetings from Poland :)

  • Dhansuhka

    Reply Reply March 19, 2011

    Hi Steve,

    it’s being nice to writing to you after a long time.

    This 5 minutes video clip shows the ultimate truth about what we believe as the world. I was believe about this many years ago before even I heard about quantum physics but afraid to tell anybody as they might think that Im mad.

    In Buddhism ‘Supreme Enlightenment’ is where once you achieved it, you do not have a world to be observed. Simply you don’t feel anything three after. It’s the ultimate achievement i believe. So no worry neither happiness. what do think Steve?

    Thanks for sharing very important stuffs.


  • Steve

    Reply Reply March 20, 2011

    Hey Dhanushka,

    I don’t know if there is a place where there is neither happiness nor worry – if you mean that observing puts you in a place of peace, then I agree – it’s only when we become aware (and observe ourselves) that we are truly present and in the moment… the only place where suffering stops…

  • Elizabeth

    Reply Reply November 3, 2011

    This is interesting. My experience tends to reflect that, at all times, I have a choice in how I observe something. And based on the choice I make, whether to observe something from a negative standpoint or whether to extract what positive possibility I can from what I am “observing”, (in other words, how I frame my observation), that this dictates what energy I lend toward the very thing I am observing.

    The whole topic of observation also made me wonder about the sort of vicious cycle that happens when a person is overly “self-conscious”, perhaps holding their own failures or missteps or doubts or flaws in such sustained [critical] self-*observation*, that there is no room for positive energy to shift out of that and off of themselves. It reminds me, actually, of ancient parables that focus not on what “don’t you have”, but what “do you have” that can be used in powerful ways. Changing the lens through which you view or observe a situation, the possibilities or limitations of, etc.

    Never really thought about the caveats of observing oneself too much, until this article! :)


  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 4, 2011

    Yes Elizabeth! This is such a good exerise. The practice of self-observation is so powerful and yet so misunderstood… thanks for sharing your own observations.

  • Gen

    Reply Reply December 17, 2011

    Thanks for pointing me at this video. Very helpful to me. My own point of view is that quantum science is a useful guide, as yet, but there is way more coming if you want the science of matter enumerated. What I have is a personal certainty, held for many years. It is stuff like this that helps it along. It seems, though, that, as yet, scientists keep holding on to ideas about matter which seem to me to be a bit narrow (and very human, for all that). ‘Nuff said for now.
    Thanks again, Gen

  • Aga

    Reply Reply February 14, 2012

    Simply brilliant! This video should go together with a theory of dark matter, dark energy and dark flow that scientics debate now about. This would show a wider picture of forces around us that we know very little about! :)

  • Stephane Lacroix

    Reply Reply February 15, 2012

    Interesting for sure Steve. In fact I`m impressed by the findings in this video. I`ll definitely have to watch it a few more time since I don`t have a clue about quantum Physics. However, this is something that I really appreciate.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Dallas

    Reply Reply February 1, 2013

    It’s an amazing article in support of all the online viewers; they will get advantage from it I am sure.

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