3 Steps to Uncover Your False Beliefs

This is the last of three videos on uncovering false beliefs. In this video we’ll go through a simple 3 step exercise to bring your unconscious blocks to the surface. Once you do this you can then re-evaluate them and decide who you really are.

Here are the three steps I’ll cover in the video:

3 Steps to Uncover False Beliefs:

  1. Identify the Area Not Working: this is an area that you are avoiding or resisting.
  2. Surface Your Blind Spots: Become clear on your reasons why you’re resisting this area of your life.
  3. Re-evaluate your Reasons: Are they justified? Are they built on a solid foundation?  What is the impact these reasons are having on your life?

Here’s the video:


To learn an extremely useful technique for seeding new beliefs see: Unconscious Mind Power Series 2


  • Jennifer

    Reply Reply February 3, 2009

    It was inevitable that I find this website. I have been on a path that started with The Secret and has grown. Coming across your website to day has reignited that flame in me to move in a direction of living for me instead of for everyone else. Thank you for all of this. Its in my favorites!

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 3, 2009

    Thanks Jennifer :)

  • kannan viswagandhi

    Reply Reply February 6, 2009

    Hi Steve,

    I have seen all the 3 videos on today only.
    One of the areas i find in my life is,my career.Your videos are very helpful to find out the reaons.I am going to act upon the reasons.Thanks for the easy 3 steps.


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