European Trip

I’ll be off on vacation for the next two weeks. My wife and I are going to be backpacking in Europe. We’re going to be traveling to Switzerland and Italy. I’ve got family in Italy. I haven’t been back to Europe in over seven years so this trip should be a lot of fun.

I won’t be posting any new content during the duration of my trip. I’m only one guy, still working in a full time job, married with a house and still trying to do it all (sometimes until the wee hours of the night). My intention was to pre-post a few articles to my blog while I was away, but that didn’t happen. Sometimes I take on too much :)

While I’m away, I’ll be checking in with my email every few days. If you have any questions about my site or my Freedom Coaching Program, start by filling in a questionnaire. If you want more information, please leave your phone number in Question #3 and I will be more than happy to call you to share about my program when I return.

I better go. I’ve got to go and practice my Italian :)

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  • Jernej

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    Have fun on your trip, and you should definitely visit Slovenia, Italy’s neighbor.


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