Attraction is a Choice

Once you identify what you don’t want, you’ll be in a perfect position to attract what you do want. Although subtle, this will make all the difference for you. Choosing what you do want is just that – a choice. The key to attracting what you do want is to know what you want and then continue to choose it.  This is one of the fundamental misconceptions of the Law of Attraction.

The Universe will Conspire for you

It’s funny how the Universe works. When you make a choice to move in a certain direction the Universe will conspire to make it happen. Invisible forces will automatically begin to align so that you can have what you want.

Back in February I had to make a choice. I was very excited about taking Peak Potentials’ Guerrilla Business School in March. The only problem was that I didn’t have $1,500 to pay for the flight and hotel accommodations. At that time I made it very clear to my family and friends that I was going to attend the course. I choose to do the course even though I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it.

About 3 weeks after I made this choice, I ran into the president where I work. We had a quick conversation about what I was up to. I told him that I had attended Life Directions in January. He thought it was great that I was still engaged in personal development and offered to cover the expense of the course.

I took the $1,500 that I received from the president and used it to pay for the accommodations and travel for the Guerrilla Business School. This conversation didn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Remember this: money is always in abundance. When you need money it will come to you.  The Universe is more than willing to give it to you. All you need to do is make a choice.

The idea that there is not enough money is an idea that you created.  The truth is that there is more than enough for everyone.  This is a Universal truth.  And if there is not enough in your physical presence, more will be made for you.

Make a Choice

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to jump from one opportunity to the next? One month they’re looking at stocks, then real estate and a month later they’re looking at the Internet for their next big ticket.

When you see them a year later you realize that they haven’t moved one yard stick further from where they were the year before.

Some people do this with their careers. They start out as a teacher, then a miner and then end up working in a cushy office to realize that they’re still not happy. They’re jumping from one career to the next without really knowing where they’re going.

Does this sound familiar? Does this sound like somebody you know? Maybe someone you know very intimately?

Some people will say, “Well, I don’t really know what I want.” Fine. Make a choice right now to find out what you do want then go out and get it.

If you choose nothing, that’s a choice too. You’re choosing to do nothing and when you choose nothing, you get nothing.

“We become what we think about. If you think nothing, then you become nothing.” ~ Earl Nightingale

Consistently Choose Every Moment

What I’ve discovered is that the real gold nugget to attracting money, materials things or anything is that you consistently need to make a choice. The reason this is true is because you’re always creating. Every moment is a moment of creation.

This distinction is absolutely critical if you want to move in a new direction. Keep choosing what you want in every moment and you will attract everything that you desire.

When you keep changing your mind, the Universe keeps changing too. Changing your mind inhibits the process of creation.

Think of the process of creation as having an incubation period. As you create a new idea in your mind, you’ll begin to seed the very thing you want. It starts to grow and bloom into a full formed vision or concept in your mind. As all this is going on you’re conspiring creative energies to work for you.

When you change your mind, it’s like you just stopped watering the seed. And a seed without water is similar to any living thing without water – it dies.

Change Your Mind and You Delay the Creation Process

Keep changing your mind and you’ll kill the seed of thought; your idea, your hopes and dreams or your bright future. Every time you change your mind you’re starting from scratch again; you’re starting a new seed of thought.

Just remember that everything is a process and if you trust the process, magic will happen.  Just be patient with yourself and stay the course.  Everything will come to you in due time.

When you continually choose what you want, you’re putting more attention on your desire. This will nourish and grow your thought and cause creative energies to work and create for you.

Remember that you’re always creating ever minute of every day, so choose your thoughts wisely :)


  • Gretzki

    Reply Reply June 13, 2008

    First of all, i’d like to say that I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I had a few positive experiences with LOA to.

    But I was wondering how did you achieve the goal of getting to the Business School thing. Was it just with affirmations each day and the believe that you will get there, and not thinking about how?

    Take care,
    Jernej from Slovenia

  • Steve

    Reply Reply June 14, 2008

    Hi Jernej,

    Most people will always go to the ‘how’ for their goal. This is a left brain thing.

    Your creative power (‘the juice’) is in your emotion; a right brain thing.

    I felt emotionally involved with the experience of being at GBS. This attracted the ‘how’.

    Tap into your power – your emotions and a way will present itself.

  • Gretzki

    Reply Reply June 14, 2008

    Make sense yeah.

    So just get the emotions as if I am already there or have that thing and the universe takes care of the rest.


  • Janet

    Reply Reply June 27, 2008

    Lynne McTaggart follows scientific research about which methods of intention healing work.

    Laboratory studies concluded so far that really focusing intensely and working hard at creating wasn’t effective. It seems best results were obtained by clearly imagining a specific outcome, then deciding to step aside, letting it go, and asking the universe to ‘restore natural order.’

    Any thoughts on ‘intense focus’ when creating wealth, Steve?


  • Steve

    Reply Reply June 27, 2008

    Janet – I’m on fire lately. Focus and imagery on the thing you want is the most powerful ‘strategy’ to attract the things you want. It’s not really a strategy, it’s a LAW.

    My intense and persistent focus on my dreams over the past year has attracted some of the most beautiful things into my life. More recently I’ve attracted,

    – a personal meeting with Bob Proctor
    – someone to mentor and coach me who is also mentored and coached by Bob Proctor
    – a Master Mind of like-minded people who are committed to creating Multiple Sources of Income
    – a new business opportunity that has explosive residual income potential
    – an interview with Doug Meharg, the creator of KidsRidetoRiches who also became a millionaire by the time he was 27 years old. (I will post the interview on this site)

  • Janet

    Reply Reply June 29, 2008

    Okay! One big vote for intense focus!

    No doubt you’ve seen the benefits – I still wonder why a healer “trying too intensely” has lukewarm response. You mention “intense and powerful imagery” and maybe this is a clue: is a healer a neutral facilitator and it’s not about their deepest wants and desires?

    Healer Eric Pearl comments that his students who couldn’t feel energy at first were “trying too hard,” an element of passivity was a must.

    Maybe healing is exempt from the powerful strategy of imagery and focus. Maybe detachment prevents us from unconscious meddling?

    (looking forward to more posts on your recent experiences!)

  • Steve

    Reply Reply June 30, 2008

    Hi Janet,

    After re-reading your first question I realized I didn’t answer your question.

    I believe what you said in your first comment is true; the process of creation starts by clearly imagining a specific outcome.

    Creating and developing a clear image will take your persistence and intense focus. This takes some ‘real thinking.’

    Once you have a clear mental picture of the outcome you will begin to feel the feelings that you are receiving the outcome. Now that you are in a state of harmony with the outcome, your emotions will magnetically attract the outcome. This is why it is so important to have a clear mental image of the end result.

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