3 Steps to Inspired Action

The idea of praxis is a powerful one. It takes discipline, courage and faith to fully realize your potential in any area. It takes persistence and commitment to realize your dreams. It takes inspired action to change your deeply rooted thoughts, beliefs and behavior. In this final post I will cover the 3 steps to inspired action and how you can use it to change what you believe.

The whole point of taking action may seem daunting to some people. Some people think and believe they will produce results by thinking and manifesting them into existence. Don’t be mistaken. You will not produce different results without taking some form of action. These actions come through your thoughts and feelings. Let’s review the creation process again,

Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Results

As I mentioned previously the problem with this formula is that 90% of the thoughts you had yesterday will be the same thoughts you have today. This means that your current results will be based on your thinking from the past. The same thoughts will lead to the same actions which will create the same results.

The thoughts you are thinking include your false beliefs and counter intentions. These thoughts are the source of the problem. If we eliminate your thinking then we have a new math,

Feelings > Actions > Results

This new math eliminates the source of the problem – your thoughts! Now we can create new results because your old ways of thinking will not be in the way. When your old ways of thinking are out of the way you will be able to take new actions and create new results. These results will change the way you experience yourself and change what you believe about yourself.

Good Feelings

The key to creating new results is to ignore your thoughts and follow your feelings. This means being in tune with those moments when you feel good and acting on them.

Think of your feelings as a compass to guide and direct you. If you have good feelings that are not being expressed in some form of action then you’re not following your compass.

On the other hand when you’re following your good feelings, you’re in sync with your inner compass. Your feelings are there to provide guidance for you so that you can express and be who you really are. Denying those feelings is the fastest way to create inner civil war.

“I feel there are two people inside me – me and my intuition. If I go against her, she’ll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.” ~ Kim Basinger

You can begin to follow your good feelings right now. If you feel good doing something then keep doing it. These actions will create new references in your experience which will change what you believe and think about yourself. The reason that I have been consistently writing and taking action is because it feels good to write. There is no complex formula to this. Do what feels good and then keep doing it some more. The results will show when you follow the new math.

Bad Feelings

Bad feelings can also be an indicator of your compass at work. When you feel bad taking a specific action, you’re not honoring your true feelings. Sometimes you need to take an action that will move you away from something or someone. By doing this you begin to feel good and honor your true feelings.

Over two years ago I was introduced to a network marketing opportunity. I went to a company seminar to investigate the business and their products. During the seminar I signed up for the company to be a Consultant. It all happened so quickly.

As I was driving home all I kept feeling was this knot in my stomach. It was as if my body was telling me, “I don’t have a good feeling about this.” I ignored the feeling and came up with logical reasons and justifications for my decision. I kept pleading, “I will make good money”, “be able to network” and “connect with other like minded people”. All these justifications and thoughts made logical sense but I still had a really bad feeling.

I worked with this network marketing company for a week and then I quit.

Ironically, about one year later I was talking with a friend of mine who had become a millionaire working for this company. He had decided to leave as well. He told me that there were some integrity issues with the senior executives in the company.

It all began to make sense to me. Integrity, one of my highest values, was not being honored in this company. In hindsight it turned out that my bad feeling was right. I did the right thing by leaving the company. I did the right thing by honoring my feelings.

3 Steps to Inspired Action

Inspired action comes from your good feelings. When you take action and do it consistently, you will get results. When you take inspired action and do it consistently, you will see massive results. You’ll change your experience of yourself and change what you believe. Here are three steps to execute praxis by taking inspired action,

1. Be aware of what feels good.
2. Act on what feels good.
3. Keep acting on what feels good.

That’s really it. In my own experience you will be happier, successful and ‘in the flow’ when you take inspired action.

Keep in mind that inspired actions do not come from feelings that originate from a thought. The thought, “I think I’ll sleep in because my bed is so comfy and soft” is not an inspired action. That feeling came from a thought which is most likely a pattern from the past. (Remember, at least 90% of your thoughts are from yesterday)

I’m talking about deeper intuitive feelings that are the origin of your higher self.  These are the feelings that lead to inspired action.

The more often you are inspired the more likely you will be feeling good feelings. The better you feel, the more likely you will attract more of these good feelings into your life. Like attracts like. If you take these actions consistently you will be taking inspired actions.  These actions will change the way you experience yourself and change your beliefs.


  • john davison

    Reply Reply February 19, 2008

    I stumbled across this link on the PDFSP forum….Just wanted to say how interesting and helpfull your web page is and how simply tou have managed to define what is being said…Bring on the good feelings.thanks

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 19, 2008

    Hi John – thanks for visiting. Love those good feelings…..

  • Pat R

    Reply Reply February 25, 2008

    Thank you for some good information. I agree that if you eliminate your thoughts you can move on to inspired feeling, then action and finally results.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 25, 2008

    thanks for dropping by Pat R

  • Louise

    Reply Reply November 12, 2008

    What if I have too many things that create good feelings and I cannot decide which one to act on? Do I do a process and see which one creates the best good feeling? Do I take helping other people out of the equation, as that might be a “holier than thou” thought of helping people? Should the feeling and action taken be just for myself and then inadvertently be helping/sharing with others or what? Maybe I have lost touch with what feels good, as I have been looking too hard for it.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    “What if I have too many things that create good feelings and I cannot decide which one to act on?” ~ Louise

    It’s good that you have ‘too’ many things that create good feelings. Next is to decide what you want. You see, decision is another skill you must learn AND once you get skillfull at it, you’re life will get lighter.

  • Tina Fortune

    Reply Reply August 10, 2009

    Great information! There are differences between thoughts, feelings and actions.

  • Sue

    Reply Reply November 20, 2011

    Hi, I want to talk to someone about inspired action. I know I will be happier if I get some housecleaning done. I got a nudge to play pogo games so I did because I was inspired and I got very little done. I then got a nudge to watch TV and I did and I got very little done and this went on all day and at the end of the day all I can say I did was watched TV and play games. That sounds funny, but seriously folks. I have always been a very responsible person. I read Joe Vitali, an article about Inspired Action and he talked about these nudges. What about my dreams and goals? What am I going to do and the deadlines? I keep getting nudged to play games and watch movies? Thanks for any help, Sue

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