Take Action when You’re Stopped

Last week I was working on my first ever real estate investment deal. I was about to put in an offer on a property and I got stopped. I was having second thoughts. I had feared something bad was going to happen. I was working outside my comfort zone and I was frightened. There was a lot of cash at stake and it didn’t feel right.

I was stuck and I knew it. So I got on the phone with a good friend of mine who gave me some great advice. I’ll never forget what he said, “Real estate is about making offers. It’s sort of like hockey. The only way to score is by taking a shot!”

I got the message loud and clear. When I got off the phone I revised my offer to include some conditions that would protect me. That night I submitted my offer to the seller. I took action.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the real estate deal but I did learn an important lesson. I’m sure it’s a lesson I will continue to learn. I learned that in order to get results you need to take action; try something and see if it works. Take a shot. There is nothing to gain by thinking or talking about it. The only way to see if something works is by taking action. It may not be pretty or perfect the first time through, but at least you took a shot. Keep using what works and toss the things that don’t.

That’s a recipe for success.

The next time you get stopped, remember: take action! You can’t score unless you take a shot.


  • Michael Jenkins

    Reply Reply November 28, 2007

    Thanks Steve, I think I can use that ‘make an offer’ strategy in a lot of areas of my life not just financial.


  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 28, 2007

    Great to hear – thanks for the feedback.

  • Janet

    Reply Reply November 30, 2007

    Hi Steve,
    Liked this post – any thoughts on how to distinguish between needing to take a shot, or needing to step back and listen to your little voice (or gut)?

  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 30, 2007

    Hey Janet – Most times I’ve got a ‘feeling’ that something is the right thing to do – that’s when I take action.

    There are other times when I can go for a week or two without any ‘feeling’ or ‘inspiration’. This can be frustrating but I remember to cultivate gratitude and be patient until I receive a sign of inspired action.

    I’m still exploring this myself and will write more on this topic as I learn.

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