How to Choose Powerfully

By being fully present to what’s important to me and being fully self expressed I feel powerful.  This post covers my thoughts on how to choose powerfully from your higher self.

This morning I sent our CEO an email thanking him for getting our management team together.  This is what I said,


I just wanted to say how great I think it is that you took the time to update us yesterday.  I believe it’s important for management (including mid level management) to understand Enwave’s direction and focus for the future.  Thanks for this.

I also think this exercise (of getting us together for feedback/updates) has been valuable for me because I have a better understanding of Enwave’s plans for the future.  Not only that but by being part of this meeting and providing you feedback I felt like I was part of the team.

Just my two cents but I think the very act of bringing us together as a team is very powerful and would benefit all considered if it were to happen more frequently.

My thoughts,



Just before I was about to push the send button and fire off this email, I felt some resistance.  I felt as if I should have been using bigger and flashier words.  I felt like, “Who the hell am I to be telling the president and good friend of the mayor of Toronto what he should or should not do?”  As soon as I recognized this old voice trying to sabotage my efforts I started to feel at ease.  I felt at ease because I knew and recognized at once that this was the voice coming from my old programming and I was aware of it.  This voice was coming from who I used to be as opposed to who I really am.

After reflecting on the impact this voice was having on me, I realized it was a matter of choice and looked back at the email.  I did a once over, read it out loud and hit the send button.  Ten minutes later I received a reply from Dennis. He said,



I think the distinction that has come clear to me is that there are different parts of us operating all the time.  It’s these different parts that run us and tell us how things are going to be.  They stop us when we work outside our comfort zone and they limit us when we want to explore something at a stretch.  Depending on how you operate, you may be limiting the way you think and act because of your past programming modes.

Let’s look at this.  Where are you operating from?

  • Looking good? Looking to impress?
  • Being right?
  • Being good? Being bad?
  • Being Smart?
  • Being cool, being different?
  • Being better?

By being aware of your current thoughts, emotions and actions helps you distinguish where you are operating from.  Once you’re aware of how you’re operating you can easily choose the way you want to be.  It’s your responsibility to distinguish which parts of you are working and which parts are not working.  Once you’ve done that you can powerfully choose who you want to be.

You can either listen to your inner genius or listen to your old programming.  You get to choose.

Impact of Programming

I think it’s important to look at your personal experience openly and honestly.  Your old programming may not be apparent to you.  You may not be clear on how your old programming has affected you because you’ve never had the opportunity to see the REAL YOU.

There is a story I found in ‘You Can Get What You Want’ by Michael Neill that illustrates my point nicely.  I’ve summarized and shortened the story below in my own words,

One day a human went to heaven in the way that humans often do.  On the way through heaven the angels were giving the human a tour and they walked by this white door.  As the angels walked by the white door they looked at each other and whispered something to each other about the room.  The human over heard their whispers and said, “Hey, what’s in that room?  Can I go in there?”  The angels looked at each other and said,

“We’re not allowed to keep you out, but please believe us – you don’t want to go in there!”

The human became very curious and his mind raced as to what must have been behind the white door.  He thought he should take the angels at their word but he became too curious to resist.  Eventually he walked up to the white door and opened it.  Inside he found the most wonderful things imaginable: a beautiful home; nice things; great wisdom; a happy family; loving friends; and riches beyond measure.

The human looked back at the angels in disbelief and said,

“Why didn’t you want me to look in there?”  To which the angels replied,

“These are all the things you were meant to have while on earth, but you never believed you could have them.”

The thing to remember is that your old programming and subconscious thoughts are a product of your past experiences. Don’t let them stop you.  James Ray said it best when he said,

“The results you are getting today are not a result of where you are, but a result of where you were.” ~ James Arthur Ray

And Jack Canfield also said,

‎”If you want to know what you were thinking a year ago, look at what’s going on in your life right now.” ~ Jack Canfield

The point is that you are still evolving and changing as a human being every minute of every day.  Every moment you have a choice to consciously change how you think and act.  By being powerful and listening to the part of you that is your higher self, you will be able to change the way you communicate with others and change the results you’re getting. This one small change in the way you communicate with the people in your life might be enough to transform your entire world.


  • Drew

    Reply Reply November 24, 2008

    Thank you for this extremely well-written post!

  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 24, 2008

    thanks Drew.

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