10 Great Ways To Get Into Your Feel Good Place

The Law of Attraction works extremely well if you’re in your feel good place. The problem that I often hear is that most people aren’t in their feel good place so the creation process is really slow. That’s why I put together what I think are ten great ways to get into your feel good place.

Your feel good place is the place where you feel like you can take on anything, you feel absolutely alive. You’ve given up all fears, worries and negative thinking and just feel like anything is possible. You’re feeling grateful, appreciative, loving and compassionate. You’re feeling all of these things. This is the perfect place to be when you want to harness the power of creation.

Lynn Grabhorn’s steps to the Law of Attraction are summarized again here for clarity:

1) Identify what you don’t want

2) Identify what you do want

3) Get into the feeling place of what you do want

4) You expect, listen, and allow it to happen

If you want more information on these steps check out my post, Top 5 Lessons From A Part Time Blogger under Lesson #1 – Focus Pocus.

Bring your attention to Step 3. Sometimes it’s challenging to get into the feel good place of what you do want. Therefore, I’ve put together what I think are 10 great ways to get into your feel good place:

1. Finish something that you’ve been putting off for a while and do it. Don’t forget to celebrate like crazy when you finish. Think hard on this one. I’m sure you have something buried back in the closet of your mind that could use your attention.

2. Put some time and energy to contribute to others. This will usually get the focus off of you and the focus on others. Most people will do more for others than they will do for themselves. In the past I have cooked for Trish, my parents and my friends. Last week I wrote an article for my friends’ website and it got me really pumped up.

3. Use your little voice and talk to yourself like you’re a Ninja. Tell yourself how powerful, inspirational, creative, intelligent, loving and passionate you are. Do this for a few minutes to increase the effect. Do this out loud to maximize the effect.

4. Magnify no.3. Make your little voice even more powerful by making the following adjustments: raise the volume, use a higher pitch, use a higher tone, increase the speed of your voice (like Alvin and the Chipmunks), use voice inflections, etc.

5. Pretend that you’re in a movie theatre and visualize. As you’re sitting in the theatre notice how large the wide screen is in front of you. Think of a past experience that was really pleasurable and put it up on the screen. As the movie is playing add some visual sub-modalities: make the lighting brighter, add different colors, add some contrast, increase the clarity, or change the movie speed. Notice how the different sub-modalities change the way you feel.

6. Use your physiology. Most people who are in depression or are in a slump tend to look down a lot and shrug their shoulders forward. To change how you feel, stand up straight with your shoulders back and lift your head so that you’re looking up and don’t forget to smile J. The longer you do this the more effective it is.

7. Sing in your car. Sing real loud and do the guitar and drum solos; get right into it. Be careful while you’re driving.

8. Hang out with friends who are buzzing with high energy. These are your friends who tend to get all excited about nothing. They’re happy just because, they don’t need a reason. If you can’t think of any friends that fit this description, then find new friends.

9. Do something that you love to do. For me that would be playing hockey, rollerblading, telling stories, writing, teach someone something new, etc.

10. Do something that you know you should do even though you don’t feel like it. For me this may be writing a report at work or reading legal paperwork. This could also be anything on the list above especially those things that I don’t feel like doing. Just get on and do it!

Once you’re in the feeling good place, take what you really want and put it into your focus. This will help you manifest and create what you want.

If anyone has any other thoughts on how to get into your feel good place, I’d love to hear them.


  • Fini

    Reply Reply June 26, 2007

    Great suggestions. It’s funny how we do a lot of the things listed when we’re already in a good place, but we completely ignore them when we’re not – At least that’s how I am.

    I think part of it is that I view these actions as results of being in a good place – It never occured to me to use these actions to get to the solution (a good place).

    Thanks for the Algebra for the Soul Steve.

  • smartile

    Reply Reply June 26, 2007

    thanks for the soul to soul….


  • tony racco

    Reply Reply June 28, 2007

    thanks stephen, you just opened up a can of…’feel good’….try these…
    #5 call an old friend and tell them you were thinking about them
    #4 pay for the person behind you at the tim horton drive thru
    #3 acknowledge someone close to you, sincerely tell them what you like about them
    #2 look up at the cieling and smile
    #1 every day read stephen’s 10 great ways to get into your feel good place

  • Steve

    Reply Reply June 28, 2007

    Tony! Nice, very nice…. I like’em. I’ll add them to my repertoire,

    thanks for the good word!


  • Dana Walton

    Reply Reply July 4, 2007

    Great feel good ideas SteveI know that I follow step # 8 all the time. I can sure say that Trish is one of those amazing friends! Thanks Trish.
    I’ve done the Tim Horton’s thing too! It’s amazing that the little things we do and the little changes we make can create such a positive path in our lives.
    What makes me feel good is doing something for someone else and not feeling as though I need to be recognized for it. I think that’s what gives me a good buzz.
    In good health and Happiness,

  • Steve

    Reply Reply July 5, 2007

    Dana that is awesome, it’s so great to hear from you.

    Who would of know that Tim Horton’s was more than just a place to get a coffee… :)



  • bryan roth

    Reply Reply May 18, 2012

    Great site. This is easy if you just stay the course. Thanks

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