Personal Growth Isn’t Easy

Last week I received a link from a friend of mine, Stephan Lieder. Stephan is consistently working on his own personal growth and as a result he came across a very interesting link which he gratefully passed to me. The link leads to a movie called, ‘212°’ and it has a great message. For all of you canucks and metric people 212 is in degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

I found this movie very inspirational and wanted to pass it along for others to enjoy. The movie starts off by explaining that if you raise hot water from 211°F by one degree to 212°F it causes hot water to turn into steam. This is pretty much second nature to us engineers. It’s the same as raising water from 99°C to 100°C, you get boiling water. Anyways, it’s not rocket science.

The movie goes on to say that by heating the water this extra degree, it adds a lot of energy to the water with the potential of producing a lot more power. Just the same it takes one degree of extra effort to produce additional energy and phenomenal results for your life. The people who are able to consistently produce this extra degree of effort separate the good from the great.

This movie was inspired by the book, ‘212 The Extra Degree’, written by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson.

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