Just Start and Achieve Your Goals

For my entire life I’ve always wondered how people were able to figure out what it is they love to do and how they just knew to do it. For a very long time I wasn’t sure what I wanted and it drove me nuts.

A coworker of mine ran into a similar problem. He was struggling to advance his career and was caught between two options. One option was to become a Professional Engineer and the other was to complete his classification as a First Class Engineer. Both positions had lucrative earning potential.  And both positions would provide the lifestyle he wanted, but he still wasn’t sure what to do. He wasn’t clear on which way to go.

Decide on Something

When he spoke with me he said, “Steve, I think I want to become licensed as a Professional Engineer but I’m not sure. What do you think I should do?”  I said, “Well, maybe I can help you by sharing this story.”

In November I enrolled myself in a program called the Self Expression and Leadership Program at Landmark Education. As part of the program I made a commitment to participate in a community project for the course. I wasn’t sure what project to pick, I was stuck.

Motivational speaking always intrigued me, but I hadn’t spoken in front of a group before. Seeing that I already had experience working with high school kids as a math tutor, I decided to speak at a local high school.

Something Opens Up

The program came to an end and I wasn’t able to complete my project. Along the way I did meet some amazing people and one of them was Lori-Ann Jakel. Lori-Ann asked me to create and submit an article to Confidence Bound Magazine. I did write that article and it was published in January of 2007.

It was my first published works.  Not long after this I published 3 more articles in the same magazine.  I’ve come to love writing so much that I’m currently publishing this weekly blog.

When I finished the story, my coworker looked at me and said, “The answer to my question is in your message.”  He then paused for a little bit and thought about it and then said, “Ok – I’ll start to take my tests for my Professional Engineer License and see what happens.”  He then said, “That way I’ll be able to see what happens after taking that first step.”

The quickest and easiest way to find out what it is that you do want is to start something. Maybe you want more money, a better career, or a more fulfilling relationship.  Whatever it is, take the first step towards that goal.  Because once you do, you’ll surprise yourself with a whole new realm of possibilities. It’s in this realm that you’ll truly discover who you are and what it is that makes you happy.

Do you have what it takes to just start?

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